• 22 Aug 2013
  • 7:00 AM
  • Mi Casa Resource Center, 360 Acoma



AmThai LLC dba Brendan’s Pub, 404 Broadway, has applied for a standard cabaret license (live entertainment; no adult entertainment or dancing). Applicant Kevin Geraghty already has a liquor license at this location including existing patios.  A public hearing is currently scheduled for Sept 9, 2013 at 1:30 p.m., 201 W Colfax Ave, Dept 206, Denver. However the hearing date and/or time may change; please check at to confirm.

Prior to the hearing, please come to a neighborhood meeting with the applicant, sponsored by West Washington Park Neighborhood Association (WWPNA), Baker Historic Neighborhood Association (BHNA) and Capitol Hill United Neighbors (CHUN):

  • Listen to the applicant’s plans;
  • Discuss what city and state law allow under a cabaret license and under the existing liquor license;
  • Learn about possible protections for residential neighbors and the parameters of a Good Neighbor Agreement; and
  • Learn how you can participate in the outcome.

        Meeting Place: Mi Casa Resource Center, 360 Acoma

        Date and Time: 7:00 p.m., Thursday, August 22, 2013

The BHNA Board of Directors has not taken a position for or against this license. The BHNA Zoning Committee is ready to assist neighbors who wish to learn more about the licensing procedure or to take action. If you are considering attending the hearing, or need more information, please contact the BHNA Zoning Committee at or Steve Harley at 720-663-7876. You can also check the city’s web page at or call your councilperson, Judy Montero.

Residents and businesses within a “Designated Area” defined by the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses have a say in license decisions. You have the following options concerning this license:

1.    Those who wish to support or oppose this license may circulate petitions. The number of signatures on petitions is very influential in the decision making process of the director of Excise & License when deciding to grant or deny a license. If you wish to circulate petitions regarding this application, please contact the Dept of Excise and Licenses: 720-865-2760. You are urged to consider carefully the impact of a new license on nearby residences and businesses before signing a petition that is brought to you.Liquor and cabaret licenses can be sold or expanded very easily with little opportunity for public input. When a license is transferred, the only ground for objection is the character of the new owner.

2.    You can appear at the hearing. The number of people attending a hearing is often more influential than petitions. Please check for updates on the hearing date and time.

3.    Letters written by neighbors are entered into the license file but they are not influential in the decision process.

The Director of Excise & License makes the decision based on items considered relevant under Cabaret Licensing under the Denver Municipal Code and court decisions interpreting those ordinances. The most important factors are:

1.    Are the needs of the neighborhood for live entertainment being met? That is, does the neighborhood need this type of license in the designated area (5 blocks north, east, south and west of the location).

2.    Do the residents and business owners in the designated area desire this new license?

3.    Parking is a zoning issue, not considered relevant to liquor or cabaret licensing, so the amount of off-street parking is not relevant at a cabaret licensing hearing;

You are hearing about this license application because the Baker Historic Neighborhood Association strives to inform neighbors about issues which affect us all. Keep current with neighborhood issues at the BHNA website,


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